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We offer a range of innovative products made with the best raw materials and the most cutting-edge technologies to ensure ever-increasing quality.

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Paper Mill

Cartiera Confalone produces jumbo rolls for the transformation of toilet paper, industrial reels and kitchen rolls in a facility operating with maximum production efficiency and safety conditions.

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Cartiera Confalone has high-level technology at its disposal for converting jumbo rolls into finished products. The use of advanced machinery is reflected in product performance in terms of softness, absorbency and strength.

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Cartiera Confalone has activated a technological facility for warehouse management that enables the implementation of cutting-edge and entirely automated logistics.

Cartiera Confalone

Producing high-quality tissue paper for more than a century

Cartiera Confalone is known for its long tradition of producing high-quality paper.

Its history dates back to the 1800s in Maiori, where a paper mill was established for handmade paper production. This tradition of high-quality papermaking developed along the Amalfi coast, particularly in the Valle dei Mulini and along the Canneto stream, and expanded throughout Italy starting from the Maritime Republics thanks to the trade relations with the East.

Over the years, Cartiera Confalone has evolved from producing flat and creped paper to specializing in tissue paper in the 1960s.

Today, it is still managed by the same family, dedicated to maintaining tradition while embracing modernity through the acquisition of cutting-edge machinery. This ensures the high value of the finished product, meeting the demands of customers and consumers.

Cartiera Confalone offers quality products for both consumer and professional sectors, made with carefully selected raw materials and using the best technology in paper production and transformation of jumbo rolls into finished products. Their products are distributed in Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean basin.

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